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5 Reasons You Will Benefit From a Longer iPhone Cable

How do you know do you know this isn't another worthless charging cable? I'll explain...  For the past seven years of my life I would lay in bed at night and connect my nearly dead iPhone to my charger that is plugged into the nearest wall outlet. Like a crackhead, I never can resist checking email, Instagram, and surfing websites like So, I am leaning over the edge of my bed trying to stay connected while I get my nightly fix.  Work wasn't much different. Around 2PM I would do the same at my desk, lowing my chair to give the cable some slack.  Then, I decided to something about it and my life got an upgrade!  I created SuperFly Cables...

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Here's How You Can Tell if an iPhone Charger is Worth Buying

It's time for you to smarten up and stop burning your precious money on cheap chargers like a dummy! Here's a how you can tell if the iPhone charger you're buying is legit or a p.o.s. (piece of sh*t)! IT'S RISKY BUYING CHEAP  During most of my college years I was getting my hustle on with eBay selling Nike shoes and anything else to make extra cash. This was when I learned my lesson on buying cheap charging cables… Monday night I bought 20 iPhone charging cables at a wholesale price of $25. Blinded by my vision of profits I didn’t see the failure that would soon follow. The package was at my door on Thursday when I got home and...

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Is Your Favorite Color Black? Here's Your Likely Personality

I must admit that I have a slight obsession with the color black. this morning I was strolling through all of my previous post on instagram, and I noticed that I post way more pictures of Midnight Gold than any other. Knowing that my favorite color is black I realized that it has gone too far and is beginning to effect my business. This made me want to look more into my favorite color and what it says about me. Here's what I found...  PERSONALITY • Prestige and power are important to you.• Independent, strong-willed, determined, and you like to be in control of yourself and situations.• You may appear intimidating to even your closest colleagues and friends, with an authoritarian, demanding and dictatorial attitude.CHARACTERISTICS  • Confident...

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