Q: I have an iPhone/iPad which cable would be compatible with my device?

A: For the products that were released within the past year, which would be the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, you will need to purchase the Lightning Cables (8 PIN). All earlier versions will be compatible with the 30 PIN Cables (iPhone 4/4S).

Q: If I have a defective product or mistake in my order what are my options?

A: For all issues send us an email and we will respond quickly with a solution to your problem. We hold a philosophy to treat every customer as if they were our own mother, so we’ll find a way to put a smile on your face!

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any defective products or mistakes in your order. We strive to maintain our standard of high quality products combined with excellent customer service and we’d like to be informed about any manufacturing/order issues so they can quickly be resolved and avoided in the future.

Q: Can I customize my own cables by selecting the colors and length?

A: At this time we are in the process of creating a platform that will allow our customers the freedom to customize their own cables. We will advertise on our website and send out newsletters to notify everyone when the time comes.

Q: I own a retail store/website and would like to add SuperFly Cables to my inventory, what would be the process of doing so?

A: Send us an e-mail with a brief description of your store and we’ll respond with detailed information discussing how to become a retailer of SuperFly Cables.